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The proximity, understanding and the surprising ideas of the Street Marketing™ agency will allow you to adapt to this new environment. 

Indeed, facing:

  • a consumer exposed to more than 3,000 brands a day!
  • the arrival of new technological tools (AI, VR headset, Snapchat, Robots …)
  • the rise of new generations (Y, Z)
  • the boom of the third and fourth industrial revolutions

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With a team of audit experts, we study and analyze communication around:

  • Your positioning
  • Your target(s)
  • Your previous and current campaigns
  • Your DNA
  • Your potential turnover

In parallel, we carry out an analysis on your competitors, a complete benchmarking and optionally, a psychoanalysis of your brand. After 5 days of work we present our strategic recommendations.


We carry out creativity sessions with our creative team:

  • 600 to 1000 ideas per brand come out of these interviews: you can see them!
  • 2 scientific filtering process (11 filters to select the idea that will allow your brand to go around the world)
  • 20 mechanical street and buzz ex nihilo and never done before
  • 1 idea selected in design thinking

At this stage, we move from a creative idea to the birth of an innovative concept including:

  • 1 tracking mechanics linking street operations to sales
  • 1 storytelling aided by different street and print media
  • Video proposals to create the buzz
  • We finish with the writing of a 40-page specification containing all the details of the concept


Before carrying out the communication operation, we develop all of the necessary means to optimize action:

  • Test of the customization of street furniture
  • Casting animators
  • Training of animators
  • Location tracking
  • Search and request for legal authorizations
  • Editing legal files with our three law firms
  • Situation in the field and operation in white
  • Test of the mechanics of the concept of the street up to digital
  • Daily follow-up and report


Because you are unique, you have specific needs and objectives oriented on different axes:

  1. Increase the flow of potential consumers and existing customers:
  • Drive to store
  • Drive to web
  • Drive to app
  • Drive to stand in a living room and B to B
  1. Generate Data:
  • Data collection enables you to contact prospects and promote offers and sell products/services.
  1. Make yourself known
  • Grow in visibility
  • Buzz-viral with keywords and SEO

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Through the media relays, we accompany you to increase your visibility. For this, we use the Press Relation:

  • We call ourselves journalists, influencers and bloggers to boost the buzz
  • We do not hesitate to visit journalists for your operation.
  • We also provide a full-time community management on social networks.

The idea is to surf on the virality of real world events:

  • An editorial line is to be validated each week, linked to the values ​​of your brand;
  • The audience and the timing of the post, the voice of the brand, the words … follow the positioning and the target.
  • All this should allow us to create a community interested in the buzz.
  • We create Webseries.


To create the buzz, we organize your sales campaigns via phone by creating an innovative phoning theme that is in line with the street campaign. We take care of sending your SMS, your calls as well as mailing promotional materials… We use many media platforms to promote your offers, products or services. We build your offer from personal information collected during the street operations.

It is 7 times more profitable to follow your customers than to conquer them.

  • In this sense, we offer a personalized CRM service (Whatsapp, phone, Instagram …)
  • We work on the reception and follow-up cycles of your customers and your prospects, to optimize your sales

Refocus campaign based on collected information

  • Street Marketing ™ campaigns collect data, wich is millions of pieces of information, especiallyl when retrieving videos shot on the street or during consumer activity on your website
  • Our Nestor Ai software, from our world famous LCA parent company, allows you to analyze this gigantic mass of information and make adjustments for future operations.

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